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hey yall im sorry for the inactivity school and irl stuff is kicking my ass but ily and im hoping to be more active when things start to calm down but idk when that will be

Ashish spring - summer 2018

Anne Carson, An Oresteia

excerpts from part two of FAKE GOD // h. yenna kim

excerpts from part two of FAKE GOD // h. yenna kim

Flatsound -- don't call me at all

Seen in Christchurch NZ. Artist: Martin Creed

Warren Photographic; White cats with glowing eyes, photo WP00972

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okokok im just gonna make this now , both for personal reference and so my other blogs have some sort of directory. here's all my blogs on here:

@meow (here) - main/personal @muppets - saved, will use when i have time as a jim henson blog @lynxes - saved, not sure what to use for yet (probably a cat blog) @claws - vent blog (not using til waterfall makes private blogs a thing) @gays - mlm/gay blog @scarf - fashion blog @rainbows - aesthetic blog @paint - misc/reposting/whatever blog @jorieldraws - art blog

u dont gotta follow but its appreciated please do/nt reblo/g this (im not tagging it so i can rb to my other blogs)

Freddie Mercury and his unenthused cat Tiffany, 1988